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Learn about the advantages that Türkiye offers to investors


Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Obtaining real estate residence

Facilities in setting up investment projects

Reduced taxes and tax exemptions


Why is investing in Türkiye a smart move?


Investing in Türkiye presents a world of opportunities for savvy investors. With its strategic location, growing economy, and investor-friendly policies, Turkey has become an attractive destination for those looking for profitable projects. In this article, we will discover the advantages that Turkey offers to investors, focusing on four main categories: obtaining Turkish citizenship, obtaining real estate residence, facilities in setting up investment projects, and tax reductions and tax exemptions.


  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

Foreign investors looking to broaden their horizons and increase their investment opportunities can easily obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey. Citizenship by the real estate investment program in Turkey provides a clear path to becoming a Turkish citizen. With a minimum investment, investors can enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship, including visa-free travel to more than 120 countries and access to a growing market of more than 80 million population.

This opens new doors for entrepreneurs and investors, enabling them to expand their businesses and take advantage of the huge potential offered by Turkey.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by purchasing a property worth $400,000 or more, and the real estate investor obtains Turkish citizenship with his family and children under the age of eighteen, and this is one of the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment as well.


  • Obtaining Real Estate Residence:

Investing in Turkish real estate not only provides lucrative returns but also provides an opportunity to obtain a real estate residence permit, by purchasing a property in Turkey worth $75,000 or more, which makes it easier for investors to secure a place for them in Turkey.

 By investing in real estate in Turkey, foreign investors can enjoy the rich, diverse, and vibrant Turkish lifestyle, from the rich and ancient history to the beautiful landscapes, in addition to enjoying a high standard of living, a diverse culture, and a climate suitable for family life, and Turkey has become an attractive destination for those looking for a home a new or developing venue for their international business operations.

The real estate investor’s family can also obtain residency in Turkey as long as the property is registered in the name of the real estate investor, the head of the family, and the real estate investor’s family can enjoy free education and distinguished medicine in Turkey, in addition to living in an elegant and luxurious environment.


  • Facilities in Setting Up Investment Projects:

Türkiye’s business-friendly environment paves the way for successful investment projects. The government is committed to facilitating foreign investment and ensuring a streamlined business creation process. From facilitating procedures to investment incentives, Turkey offers a suitable ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Key sectors such as technology, manufacturing, and tourism have been identified as an opportunity for foreign investors, where business growth opportunities lie significantly. By investing in these sectors, entrepreneurs can take advantage of Turkey’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and access to regional markets to increase their revenues, develop Their trade and embark on the path of global trade as well, due to the presence of a solid and developed infrastructure that contributes to the growth of a business.


  • Reduced Taxes and Tax exemptions:


One of the most important advantages of investing in Turkey is its attractive tax policies, as the country offers reduced tax rates for companies, allowing companies to operate at a higher rate of profitability, in addition to providing tax exemptions for specific industries, including technology, innovation, and export-oriented companies. Not only do these incentives lead to cost savings, but they also encourage innovation and growth, making Turkey an attractive destination for foreign investors looking to improve their tax obligations while expanding their industrial or commercial operations.

There are also tax exemptions on real estate investment, which is when a foreign investor purchases a property in Turkey for the first time, where the investor can obtain a tax exemption and benefit from this advantage when buying a property in Turkey.


Investing in Türkiye is a strategic move for investors looking for profitable opportunities. With the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, obtaining real estate residence, facilities for setting up investment projects, tax reductions, and tax exemptions, Turkey provides an investment site full of opportunities. You can discover the potential offered by Turkey through real estate investment by contacting Dinar Real Estate Company.

Do not miss the advantages that Turkey offers to investors and unleash your potential in real estate investment with Dinar Real Estate.

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