Your inclusive guide to real estate investment in Turkey

Looking to invest in real estate in Turkey? It’s important to follow the right steps to ensure a successful investment. To help you navigate the process, Dinar Real Estate presents you an inclusive guide for real estate investment in Turkey. Here, you’ll find information on investment methods, investment options, and the advantages of investing in Turkish real estate.


Investment Methods:

Real estate investment in Turkey can take various forms and methods, but the most common mechanism is buying a property in Turkey for financial gain through leasing or resale. Buying property online is an increasingly popular option, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Real estate marketing companies such as Dinar Real Estate can provide excellent online services, including virtual tours, consultations, and assistance with the purchasing process, making it easy to buy a property from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Dinar Real Estate offers free online property purchase services to customers looking to invest in Turkish real estate.


Investing directly by visiting real estate projects in Turkey is another mechanism. This involves getting up close with the projects, choosing an appropriate property, and buying it through a trusted real estate agent.


Investment Options:

In Turkey, there are multiple real estate investment options to choose from. These include residential apartments, which are widely available in real estate projects. Developers have been striving to improve the quality of these projects, including the construction materials used, spacious areas, and proper room coordination to ensure healthy living. Social facilities and green spaces are also added to residential projects to enhance the residents’ experience.


Hotel apartments are another investment option that provides investors with a high-quality investment style through fully furnished and equipped apartments that guarantee continued investment and financial return for years. These apartments are often part of famous international hotels and come with luxurious advantages and characteristics, including five-star hotel services and strategic locations.


Buying lands is also a distinctive investment option for those looking to invest in Turkish real estate for a long-term period. By investing in lands, investors can use them to establish commercial or residential properties or sell them after a period for financial gain.


Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Turkey:

Real estate investment in Turkey has numerous advantages, including the potential to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying one or more properties with a value exceeding $400,000. Investors can also benefit from a financial return through leasing or resale, with the profit varying based on the city where the property is located.


Investors can obtain a real estate residence permit when purchasing a property with a value of over $75,000. This permit allows the holder to reside on Turkish lands as long as the title deed for the property remains in their name. Additionally, investing in Turkish real estate offers the opportunity to reside in a luxurious and modern environment with advanced urban planning.


If you’re looking for a distinguished real estate investment, choose Dinar Real Estate Company. We offer a wide range of real estate investment options and exclusive offers to ensure that your investment in Turkish real estate is a success.


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