There is no doubt that the Basaksehir district is the most important, newest and most developed district in Istanbul and circulated in the media. The Basaksehir district is also famous in the real estate field and many real estate offices and companies are spread in it due to the great trend by Turkish and foreign investors and tourists who come to buy real estate in all its forms. And its types. Where the Basaksehir area is located in the center of Istanbul in the European section of it, so that it is surrounded by important areas such as Avcilar, Bagcilar, and the famous Kucukcekmece area. investors to it.
⭕ Infrastructure in Basaksehir:
The Basaksehir district in Istanbul includes one of the most developed infrastructures in the city, due to the area’s modernity and establishment.
The city of Basaksehir has become one of the most attractive areas for local and foreign investors alike, not only because of the modern buildings equipped with the highest means of comfort and luxury, but also because of the strong infrastructure, social, cultural, health and educational facilities that distinguished the region from all other regions in Turkey, and made it Competing with many of its European counterparts.
The region also contains the second largest arena for shows in Istanbul, which is used for many different events throughout the year. Theatrical performances, parties, festivals, and celebrations of the holy month of Ramadan are the most prominent of these events.
Educational services in Basaksehir:
The people of Basaksehir are waiting for the opening of a public university soon in the region, in addition to the ongoing preparations for the opening of several private universities, including the famous Ibn Khaldun University. The region also contains a large number of private schools, Arab and international schools, and state schools, starting from the nursery and kindergarten stage, up to High school.